Choosing the perfect corporate gift basket

Are you thinking of getting a corporate gift basket? It is never easy having to get a gift, let alone getting a gift for someone you don’t know. If you find yourself in a similar situation, maybe your boss has assigned this responsibility to you this year, then don’t worry, this article is here to help you find your way in the world of corporate gift baskets. Here any doubts you have will be cleared up, and you will have clear what the perfect gift baskets are for your clients.

What is your budget for the gift basket?

Before you can start looking into what you will send you will have to take into consideration your budget. This has a huge affect on what you are sending. Once you have decided who you are sending to, this should be your next point to clarify. Obviously, if you are sending individual baskets to each member of a small team then the budget should be spread evenly between them all. However, if you are sending to an important client then more money should be spent on them. Click here!

Who is the gift basket for?

First things first, who are you sending the gift basket to? Are you sending it to a team or individual? This has an affect on what you send as if you are sending to a group you can send several little baskets or a big one that they can share between them. If you are sending to one important individual and also several members of their team, then it is recommended that you spend more on the basket of the important individual and then slightly less on the other ones. Whereas if you are buying just one basket for the whole team then you don’t have to worry so much about splitting spending evenly, as they are all recipients of the same basket.

What to include?

This is probably the hardest part of getting a corporate gift basket: what to put in it. Do you go down the more traditional route of wine with an assortment of sweet and savory, or do you go down a more personal route with something that you know the person would like (if it is a personal basket). Nowadays with the Internet you are spoilt for choice with which type of gift basket that you would like to send. However, if you are sending a gift basket to a potential client it is often better to play it safe and go down a more traditional route than try anything too fancy.


In conclusion, in order to send the perfect gift basket it is vital that we first know who we are buying for, and then the budget. Once we know these two things then you will be able to select the perfect gift basket for the selected person. Also by knowing these two things you will be able to cut the stress out of sending a gift basket. More details in site: